Kenpo Karate can be the most lethal form of martial arts, it is a combination of ancient fighting techniques, embedded with modern scientific principles. A Kenpo practitioner becomes more than a martial artist they become a master of them self in body, mind and spirit.


Kenpo is believed to date back to 495 AD in China and equally to Japan. Kenpo is rich in history and acknowledges Mr Edmund Parker, (1931 - 1990) as the foremost Grand Master of the American Kenpo Karate Association.  Mr Chuck Sullivan is a first generation black belt of American Kenpo Karate, after Mr Parkers passing, Chinese Kenpo Karate (IKCA) was established. Grand Master Sullivan has been inspirational in the development of kenpo in todays society.  Australian Kenpo Karate was launched in 2016 (AKK), Head Instructor  Mr Damion Linke continues to pass on knowledge to following generations as a foundation for further development.


White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Black. All belt Grading are done individually and by appointment only. (Including Dan levels from 1st to 10th Degree Black Belt). Instructors Certification is available from(16 years and above) Black Belts only. School owners - must be fully certified AKK instructors.  This is a 60 technique Kenpo Karate system.  Adult & Children classes are available, we also welcome families.                                                                



Mr Damion Linke is a 8th Dan Black Belt, with over 36years of experience. 1985 was the beginning of Mr Linke's martial arts training,  studying the art of Zen Do Kai, in 1997 he was promoted to probationary 4th degree black belt.  Mr Linke studied various other styles whilst undergoing his training in Zen Do Kai such as Muay Thai, Taramilliatai, Boxing, jujitsu and weaponry. In January 2000 Mr Linke began his study of Chinese Kenpo Karate (IKCA), in 2005 Mr Linke was promoted to 1st degree black belt and was last promoted in 2014 to 6th degree black belt, under the guidance of Senior Grand Master Sullivan. In June 2016, Mr Linke, with permission from Mr Sullivan began implementing his own unique changes, with help from his wife Mandy they launched Australian Kenpo Karate (AKK).